John Mbadi: I’m resigning as ODM Chairman


Nominated Member of Parliament (MP) John Mbadi has confirmed that he will resign from his position as the Chairman of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party.

In an exclusive interview with Skyblasttv on Wednesday, February 8, Mbadi said he’s feeling disrespected by a section of key leaders in ODM, and that his stay at the helm of the party leadership is no longer tenable.

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The legislator did not reveal when exactly he’ll tender his resignation, but said that his decision to quit is final.

“I have already made a decision regarding that matter,” Mbadi told The Standard in a phone interview.

Some ODM members have accused the former Suba South MP of abandoning Party leader Raila Odinga and failure to champion the party’s push in opposing President William Ruto’s decisions that ODM consider to be punitive and retrogressive.

At the same time, some ODM MPs have taken issue with Mbadi’s failure to attend political rallies convened by Odinga.


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