Mejja takes a break from music due to throat issues


Gengetone artist Mejja has given an update on his absence from releasing new music. He spoke to Mseto East Africa’s Willy M Tuva and revealed that his doctor had advised him to take a break from music due to throat problems.

In 2022, Mejja said he had to cancel a show in Australia due to losing his voice. Mejja explained that he started experiencing throat issues after a flu episode in Australia, where he was performing frequently without access to proper medication.

“Hapo ndio nilijua kuna issue. Hapo ndio nilienda hospitali. So enyewe tuseme tu throat yangu haiko poa. Shida ni nikirecord lazima nipige ile high pitch. Nimeambiwa nikae one month bila kutumia sauti,” said Mejja.

He said that he ignored the symptoms until one day when he saw spots of blood after clearing his throat, adding that he could no longer talk or shout for extended periods of time.

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Mejja is currently undergoing voice rest and therapy to improve his condition. He asked his fans to pray for him as the situation had affected him psychologically.

“Waniombee yaani kwanza. Kwababu inaniaffect psychologically. Unajua mziki ndio kila kitu. So mara leo nikona sauti, kesho siezi ongea inanisumbua sana kwa sababu siezi taka ati hivyo ndio niliwacha muziki,” he said.

He also encouraged his fans to drink plenty of water and avoid sugary foods to prevent similar issues. Mejja expressed that he does not want to leave music and is seeking a way to return to it.

“My fans please pray for me, sitaki kuacha muziki, also remember to drink lots of water and avoid sugary things to avoid finding yourself this situation,” said Mejja.


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