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'BBTitans': Big Brother tasks housemates to give cookies to their loves and favourite persons - Sky Blast TV

‘BBTitans’: Big Brother tasks housemates to give cookies to their loves and favourite persons


Today, Big Brother tasked the housemates with making cookies to give to two people: one to their partner and the other(s) to a romantic interest or platonic friend.

The rule was later changed to include more people.

This may be Big Brother’s attempt to douse the rising fire between the housemates.

  • Mmeli gave his cookie to Ipeleng.
  • Thabang gave his cookies To Nana, Justin, Nelisa, And Tsatsii.
  • Tsatii gave her cookies to Justin, Ipeleng, Thabang, Mmeli, Ebubu, Yaya & Kanaga Jnr.
  • Yaya gave her cookies to Justin, Nelisa, Ebubu, Olivia, Yvonne, Miracle, Juicy Jay, Thabang & Marvin.
  • Khosi gave her cookies to Miracle, Thabang, and of course, Yemi.
  • Nelisa gave her cookie to Thabang, The Royals, Yemi, Khosicle, Justin And MaYa
  • Yvonne gave her cookies to Justin, Juicy Jay, Jenni O & Olivia.
  • Yemi gave his cookies to Nelisa, Jenni O, Juicy, Blaqboi, Ipeleng Tsatsii, Kanaga, Blue Aiva, and Khosi.
  • Miracle gave his cookies to Jenni O, Khosi & Yaya.
  • Marvin gave his cookies to Yaya, Jenni O, Yvonne, Blaqboi, and Blue Aiva
  • Justin gave His Cookie To Nelisa, Yvonne, Yaya, Tsatsii, Jenni O, and Nana.
  • Juicy Jay gave his cookies to Juicy Jay Gave His Cookie To Olivia, Yemi, Marvin, Yaya, and Yvonne.
  • Blue Aiva gave her cookies to Yemi and some other housemates that weren’t seen.

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  • Ebubu gave his cookies to Tsatsii, Jenni O, Olivia, Jaypee, and Yvonne. He attached a poem to Yvonne’s.
  • Nana gave her cookies to Olivia, Yvonne, Jenni O, Thabang, Khosi, Justin, Blaqboi, Juicy Jay, Yaya, Miracle, and Blue Aiva.
  • Jennie O gave her cookies to Mmeli, Justin, Yvonne, Olivia, Blaqboi, and Nana.
  • Ipeleng gave her cookies to Blaqboi, Tsatsii & Lukay.

Ipeleng cried because she only got three cookies, which may translate to only three housemates like her. “I got only 3 cookies, 3!! I tried my best to be friends with the girls, and with people in this house but whenever I get into spaces, they keep quiet. It feels like they’re threatened,” she said.

Khosi was shocked to get a cookie from Nana she cried after getting it. Nana gave a cookie to Khosi saying “You were my first friend, you’re my best friend.”


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