Greensprings School introduces service learning for students


To raise students who have the ability to make connections between what they learn in the classroom and real-world experiences, Greensprings School has introduced service learning as part of its core offering.

The programme offers students the opportunity to gain relevant work experience while adding value towards the development of their local communities.

The service-learning activities for the students include volunteering to serve in a company or non-governmental organisation, working as a tutor or setting up peer mentoring programmes, and supporting a park. Also, they can run a food drive or serve at a food pantry, start a school recycling programme and educate the community on societal issues among others.

The school’s Wider Curriculum Principal, Mrs Jennifer Sunkanmi-Qazzeem, while announcing the programme said her students have hitherto offered some random acts of service in their local communities and have seen the impact of their efforts. Therefore, for them to understand their capacity to make meaningful contributions to the community, the school has decided to make service learning an integral part of their learning.

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She further disclosed that through the service learning process, students will not only develop personal and social skills, they would have the opportunity to apply these skills in real-life situations.

“Service learning will give them a chance to be involved in decision-making process towards solving problems because they will learn how to use their initiative and take responsibility in work situations. In addition, they will become more engaged in their local communities, gain practical life skills, and develop personal interests towards their career,” Sunkanmi-Qazzeem stated.

Speaking about the modality of the programme, the principal said: “Each student will fill out a form, selecting his/her desired service learning experience, and once this is done, the school then provides the necessary supporting documents, including but not limited to, introduction letter, supervisor’s evaluation form and reflection form to ensure that adequate documentation of the service learning experience is captured during the period.”

She added that students who perform well in the course of their service learning will be rewarded.


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