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SGBV: Experts seek improved funding to aid convictions of offenders - Sky Blast TV

SGBV: Experts seek improved funding to aid convictions of offenders


Policy makers and champions of an end to Sexual and gender based violence in Nigeria, SGBV have advocated improved funding for the judicial system to aid prosecution and conviction of offenders.

They also call for an amendment to requisite laws to deter perpetrators of sexual and gender based violence.

Sexual and gender based violence remains a worrying phenomenon in Nigeria.

From forced and early marriages to the physical, mental or sexual assault on a woman, available statistics show that 1 in every three women have experienced physical violence by age 15 in Nigeria.

With increased advocacy and media attention in the past few years, the ills associated with sexual and gender based violence have come to the fore and citizens now understand the repercussion better.

Policy makers and champions of the crusade against sexual and gender based violence from the North West Region are locked in this hall to review access and response to the menace in Northwest Nigeria.

In the last one year, Kano state says it records an average of fifteen convictions every month while Sokoto is happy to secure five convictions so far this year.

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But the problem of inadequate funding to prosecute and outdated laws hinders efforts

Experts here believe progress is being made, particularly in the reportage of sexual and gender based violence.

Appeal is now being made for improved coordination among states for more effective results.

Structures at the local government level including the establishment of surveillance teams, referral centres for psycho social counselling and state gender policies are some of the measures that have assisted in nailing offenders.

Over the years, and particularly in 2022, the country recorded a surge in the number of domestic violence incidents and reports, which led to the untimely death of many women.

Women and girls in Nigeria are subjected to a variety of forms of domestic violence, including deprivation, starvation, hitting, suffocating, burning, acid baths, poisoning, neglect, lack of care, verbal insults, degrading comments, torture and intimidation, female genital mutilation, child marriage, child abuse, denial, neglect, deprivation, and abandonment.

While the true number of women who have died as a result of domestic violence is unknown, it is important to note that there have been cases of men losing their lives as a result of domestic squabbles with their spouses, such as Biliyaminu Bello, who was stabbed to death by his wife, Mariam Sanda. However, evidence suggests that domestic violence disproportionately affects women.

According to recent reports, most victims of domestic violence in Nigeria still avoid reporting cases of domestic violence, either for cultural reasons or for fear of stigmatization. Records also show that such incidents are in the news almost every week.


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