Burkinabe citizens glad French troops have left the country


One day after the government of Burkina Faso announced the official withdrawal of the French Task Force’s operations in the country, citizens react to the departure of the former colonial power.

The departure marks another significant step in the scaling-down of France’s military presence in the region, frequently affected by jihadist violence.

“It’s good because France has respected the rules of the game. That is to say, there was a contract that bound us, I believe, and Burkina decided that the contract was no longer convenient, so they tried to denounce it. In relation to this, France understood, there was no debate, so it’s fine”, said Amado Ouédraogo, craftsman and president of the association of bronze showcase craftsmen.

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Student Patrice Sawadogo added “… when you are in a country and the population itself demands your departure, it is well and truly to respect the instructions given by the population. So I think that the departure of the French army is very good”.

“Burkina needed a president like IB (Ibrahim Traoré, Ed.) and we got him. So I know that he will be able to do what we want”, concluded trader Issouf Zoungrana.

Burkina Faso has been rocked by a jihadist insurgency that spilled over from neighbouring Mali in 2015

Last year Burkina Faso suffered two military coups.


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