I’ve broken ribs, bones doing stunts in movies — Adamson Ibrahim


A stunt coordinator and weapons trainer, Adamson Ibrahim, says that he usually risks his life performing stunts in movies.

Ibrahim, who worked as a stunt man and actor in the acclaimed movie, ‘Jagun Jagun’, noted that coordinating stunts in movies went beyond telling actors what to do.

He told Saturday Beats, “I have been risking my life in the course of doing this job. I have broken my rib cage and sprained a couple of bones. I twisted my thumb recently. There was even a time a car crashed into me. I put my life at risk every time I set out to film. I have gone through surgery twice.”

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Ibrahim, who says he was inspired by Donnie Yen and Tom Cruise while growing up, added that he trains actors on how to approach combat scenes, and teaches them how to handle weapons, such as swords and guns.

Sharing his experience working on ‘Jagun Jagun’, he said, “I am not a full-time actor. As a matter of fact, I don’t act in 80 per cent of the movies I coordinate for. I prefer to watch the actors I trained perform ‘wonders’ from behind the camera. Not acting most times was a decision took.”

Recalling how he started his career, he said, “I started posting my personal contents on social media, and some filmmakers got interested. My intention was to make filmmakers see what is possible as regards having good stunts in movies.”

Movies he has worked on include ‘23 Oniru Street’, ‘House of Secrets’, ‘Mikolo’, ‘Kesari’, and ‘Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre’.


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