“Banky W who initiated my cancel culture is now a pastor” Samklef accuses Banky of being silent on Mohbad’s bullying because he is equally guilty


Samklef has alleged that Banky W bullied him in the past which is why the latter cannot condemn those who bullied Mohbad before his death.

Samklef made this allegation in a series of tweets, where he also called on his colleagues in the music industry to speak out about their struggles.

The music producer said Banky W “initiated” a move to cancel him in 2012. He claimed the Mr Capable singer did this together with one of his friends in Sound City.

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He added that the reason Banky can’t condemn Naira Marley and Sam Larry after both were accused of bullying Mohbad is because of Banky’s “involvement”. Samklef said the only difference in Banky’s case is that he “was not violent like Naira Marley.”

Samklef added that he has forgiven but that doesn’t stop him from telling his story.

This is not the first time Samklef has called out Banky W. In May 2022, he accused Banky of not giving him due credit, in the form of royalties, for his input in a song.

Samklef also had some things to get off his chest regarding Naira Marley and Sam Larry. 

He said if Naira Marley and Sam Larry were poor people, the Nigerian police would have arrested them a long time ago.


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