‘It’s like living in jungle’ – Tinubu’s appointee kicks against multiple taxation


Chairman of the Presidential Fiscal Policy and Tax Reforms Committee, Taiwo Oyedele, has stated that the numerous taxes levied at various government levels are making life difficult for Nigerians.

In a live appearance on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Wednesday, Oyedele said, “We do not understand why we have so many taxes in Nigeria, just creating problems for everyone.”

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According to Oyedele, taxing rights at all levels of government need to be properly defined and addressed to the roots, starting with the country’s Constitution.

“We want to go into the Constitution itself and address the problem from the roots. Let’s put it there and let it be clear. Clearly define the taxing rights at the different levels of government — this should be what you can collect — from local government to state to federal and here are your responsibilities,” he said.

“Some of the issues that people are facing have removed the side mirror; it’s almost like living in the jungle. We should agree to suspend these taxes.”


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