Kenya court extends delay on deployment of Haiti mission


A court in Kenya has extended orders blocking the deployment of Kenyan police to Haiti to lead a U.N Security Council-approved mission to combat gang violence in the Caribbean nation.

The High Court on Tuesday said that it would rule on the case on Nov. 9.

Former presidential candidate, Ekuru Aukot, filed a petition on Oct. 9 against the deployment of Kenyan forces, arguing that the law allowing the president to do so conflicted with articles of the constitution.

Aukot’s petition also faulted President William Ruto for agreeing to lead the international peacekeeping mission while Kenya struggles with security issues arising from militant attacks and most recently ethnic clashes.

The U.N. Security Council resolution, drafted by the United States and Ecuador, authorizes the force to deploy for one year, with a review after nine months.

Kenya’s national assembly has yet to schedule a debate on the motion to deploy the contingent, which is expected to be made up of about 1,000 police officers. The non-U.N. mission would be funded by voluntary contributions, with the U.S. pledging up to $200 million.


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