Revealed: Wrexham tradition started by Paul Mullin that he now can’t stop – with Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney & noisy fan base expecting Jurgen Klopp-esque behaviour


The prolific frontman started that trend a couple of years ago when scoring a dramatic goal that sealed three points for the Red Dragons. Supporters now expect the post-match routine to be delivered when emerging victorious, with a loyal fan base – that includes co-owners Ryan and Reynolds and Rob McElhenney – having had plenty to cheer of late.Mullin has told the Men in Blazers podcast of his celebration and why he was delighted to break it out again following an emotional return from injury in a 2-1 victory over Doncaster on September 9: “It’s something we sort of stumbled across.

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It was a couple of years ago that I scored a last-minute goal and just celebrating at the end of the game, it just came out. Ever since then, I think I didn’t do it when we won and I had so many people asking me to carry on doing it and it’s become a signature thing now when we win a game. I can genuinely say that while I was in LA, I was sat there thinking I can’t wait to come back and do that. Not because I get anything from it, it’s because we have won a game and it’s something I have worked for to do that.

The fans get to enjoy it and it’s something to look forward to at the end of the game. If we win, that’s going to happen.”He added on returning to action after a punctured lung suffered in a pre-season friendly date with Manchester United, which forced him to spend several weeks in the United States before returning to North Wales: “That day [against Doncaster] the lads did unbelievably well – I came on and we managed to win the game. About the noise, it is still emotional now.

I know the fans like me, but that day is something that I can’t describe. I don’t often get taken aback, especially when playing football, but that day I actually couldn’t believe it. Players I’ve played with on the other team said to be after the game ‘I thought the stadium was going to fall down’. It was that loud.

It is a noise that I will never forget and is something I’m really proud of. For the two years that I’ve been there, I’ve built up that much of a connection with the fans to warrant that reception.

”Merseyside native Mullin believes the noise generated that day eclipsed anything else that he has ever experienced, including his travels across Europe following superstar performers on the books at Anfield. He added: “When I came on the pitch, I was playing the rest of the game thinking ‘wow, has that really just happened?’ I’ve been to many, many Liverpool games all around the world – Champions League finals and all sorts – and although there were only 10,000 fans in the stadium that day, I genuinely think that is the loudest noise I’ve ever experienced towards one player.

I’ve been in the stadium cheering Steven Gerrard back onto the pitch after injury and there wasn’t an excitement like I felt that day. It was something I will never forget.”Mullin hit 47 goals for Wrexham last season as they returned to the Football League in record-breaking style, and the 29-year-old has a further six efforts to his name this term as Phil Parkinson’s side seek to bounce straight up into League One.


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