‘I won’t leave even if we are in League One!’ – Pep Guardiola makes Man City pledge over 115 Premier League charges after Everton hit by 10-point deduction


Pep Guardiola has promised he will not quit Manchester City even if the club are eventually relegated to League One for breaching financial rules.

City are still waiting to hear the outcome of the Premier League’s investigation into them after being hit by 115 charges in February for breaching financial rules. Guardiola lamented the fact that many people have already decided that City are guilty and are calling for them to be relegated from the top flight.

However, he insisted he would stay in charge of the Manchester club whatever happens.The City boss said: “At the moment we are innocent until it is proved we are guilty. I know the people want it. I know, I feel it. I will wait. Wait and see it and after the sentence has been done we will come here and explain it. But absolutely I will not consider my future (if) it depends being here or being in League One. Absolutely. There is more chance to stay if we are in League One than if we were in the Champions League.”

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Everton became the first Premier League club to receive a sporting sanction for flouting financial regulations when the Toffees were deducted 10 points earlier this month, plunging Sean Dyche’s side into the relegation zone. Guardiola, however, declined to comment on the punishment and insisted the two club’s cases were different.

“[People say] ‘Why Everton’s been punished for 10 points deduction, why is Man City in there?’ It’s two different cases. It’s not the same,” Guardiola added. “Honestly. I spoke with my people [they] said it is completely different. Okay, the other one is longer because it is more complicated because it’s 115 breaches. So wait. Then after when the lawyers from both sides present their cases in front of the judge and there is a verdict you can ask me the question.”


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