Senate calls for national collaboration to tackle violence against women in Nigeria


The Senate Committee on Women Affairs (SCOWAS) has called for national collaboration to eradicate violence against women and girls in Nigeria.

The Senate Committee Chairman on Women Affairs, Ireti Kingibe, made the call at the launch of The OrangeNIGERIA

The project is committed to creating a society free from the scourge of gender-based violence, GBV.

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This groundbreaking project aims to address the root causes of GBV through a collaborative effort, emphasizing inclusivity, education, and community engagement, said Kingibe.

Speaking at the launch of the project, she noted that the initiative seeks to empower individuals to stand against violence by fostering open conversations.

She said, “This project is not just a Senate initiative; it is a national call to action.

“We must stand together to create a society where everyone feels safe, heard, and valued,” Kingibe said.

The Senate and SCOWAS invite citizens, grassroots organizations, and corporate partners to join hands in this transformative effort.

Together, they aim to build a future where Gender-Based Violence is eradicated, and the principles of equality and respect prevail.


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