The 3 Division of the Nigerian Army Rukuba, Jos, on Friday emerged winner of the Inter Division Combat Platoon Orienteering and Adventure Competi­tion.


The Federal Government says it will sanction employers over indecent working conditions that contravene local and international labour laws.

Mr Simon Lalong, Minister of Labour and Employment, said this during the inauguration of the Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) III, (2023-2027) on Friday in Abuja.

The DWCP was inaugurated to promote jobs, guarantee rights at work, extend social protection and promote social dialogue.

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The programme was organised by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment in collaboration with the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

Lalong said decent work deficits had continued to abound in the economy as informal employment has become the norm, while well-paying jobs that offer social protection benefits are the exception.

According to him, workers in the informal economy are exposed to poor working conditions, low pay, long work hours and low unionism rate, and unsafe working environments.

“As well as the absence of efficient employment and job creation opportunities and conditions of underemployment, among others.

“Government is aware of some of these employers’ activities, who disregard the extant labour laws due to the pursuit of profit.

“This creates work environments that frustrate the attainment of decent work for employers or employees because of the quest for profit.

“Many workers are exploited and make the work in very indecent and intolerable conditions, which negate all local and international labour laws.

“Hence, we shall not fail to sanction such organisations and ensure that the rights and privileges of Nigerian workers are protected,” he said.


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