Former presidential aspirant Sami Charles receives Gusi Peace Prize in Manila, Philippines


Renowned philanthropist and business magnate, Sami Charles emerged as a recipient of the prestigious Gusi Peace Prize during a recent ceremony in Manila, Philippines.

The award, presented by the Gusi Peace Prize Foundation, was in recognition of Charles’s notable contributions to global peace and progress across various domains.

The award by the Gusi Foundation of Manila, Philippines – which is considered the Pulitzer Prize of Asia, was previously presented to presidents of countries, eminent scientists and industry leaders.

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The Gusi Peace Prize is named after the late Captain Gemeniano Javier Gusi who is considered a hero in the Philippines in the way he fought Japanese invaders during World War II after which he became a popular active advocate of human rights.

As the chairman of ANOG Group, a global oil firm, and leader of 11 other companies, Charles, who was a presidential aspirant in the 2023 election, has not only achieved significant financial success but has also demonstrated a strong commitment to social responsibilities.

The Gusi Peace Prize, awarded through the presidential proclamation 1476, is a highly esteemed national and international institution based in the Philippines.

Recognized as Asia’s foremost awards body, the Gusi Peace Prize is bestowed upon individuals and organizations making substantial contributions to global peace and progress.

Sami Charles, an alumnus of the University of Jos with a degree in Law, has gone beyond traditional business leadership.

As the convener of the Foundation for a New Nigeria, he played a pivotal role in mobilizing millions of youth, particularly in the context of the 2023 elections.

In response to Charles’ achievement, Alpha Kolla Balde, the presidential candidate from Guinea Conakry, sent a congratulatory letter praising Sami Charles as a source of inspiration for African youth.

Balde highlighted Charles’ dedication to not only financial success but also his commitment to making a positive impact on the African continent.

His letter reads:

Dear Dr. Charles,
Congratulations on your momentous achievement in receiving the GUSI Peace Prize Award, a distinguished honor often regarded as the Asian equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize. This award is not only a recognition of your unwavering commitment to global peace and integrity but also marks a significant milestone in your journey towards a greater role in leadership, potentially paving your path to the Presidency of Nigeria.

Your exemplary character, thoroughly vetted through rigorous screenings including a Global intel report, and your contributions to global peace as a verifiable global citizen, have rightly earned you this honor. The presence of representatives from all Asian governments and the personal reception by the President of the Philippines, complete with the honorary medal of citizenship, underscores the importance and prestige of your achievement.

This award is a beacon of hope and pride for Africa. Your leadership and vision are a source of inspiration for the African youth, who are counting on you to usher in a new era of strong leadership, peace, and prosperity. Your efforts are laying the groundwork for a brighter future, not just in Nigeria but for the entire African continent.

As you receive this award and stand on the threshold of potentially leading one of Africa’s most influential nations, know that an entire continent’s hopes and aspirations are with you. May this recognition propel you further in your journey of making impactful changes and driving progress.

Once again, congratulations on this remarkable accomplishment. Africa is proud of you.


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