Kaduna: Bombing villagers costly mistake – Shehu Sani condemns military action


Shehu Sani, a former Kaduna Central Senator, on Tuesday, described the bombing of villagers in the Tudun Biri area of the state as a horrible and costly mistake.

Sani said the mistake by the Nigerian Army must not be taken lightly.

On Sunday, a military drone bombed a group of villagers celebrating Maulud in Tudun Biri area.

However, Sani said the military must take into cognisance the sanctity of human lives.

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Posting on X, the former lawmaker said the widows and families of the deceased should not be abandoned.

According to Sani: “Dropping bombs in a crowd of people in the centre of a village is a horrible and costly ‘mistake’ that must not be taken lightly.

“The sanctity of human lives must be of the highest consideration in any military operation. It makes no sense to massacre the people you want to protect.

“The orphans, Widows and widowers left behind by the Army bombing of the Kaduna village must not be left to suffer in the course of their lives. This tragic incident must not repeat itself.”


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