NLC demands new Minimum Wage commensurate with cost of living


The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has stated that the start of negotiations for the new National Minimum Wage in 2024 should reflect the country’s current cost of living.

Mr Joe Ajaero, President of the NLC, stated this on Tuesday during the ongoing 19th edition of the NLC 2023 Harmattan School, which was hosted by the Congress.

The theme of the event is “Building Workers’ Skills for Policy Engagement”.

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The NLC National Schools include the Harmattan School, which trains and empowers members of its affiliated unions via skill development.

Ajaero, represented by Mr Benjamin Anthony, Vice President of the NLC, stated that governments at all levels must acknowledge that life and living conditions are extremely challenging.

“The removal of subsidies on petroleum products has further worsened the challenges faced by working people.

“That is unleashing severe pain and contributing to galloping inflation and increasing inequality and poverty.

“We must reckon that a well-motivated and well-remunerated workforce has a positive impact on productivity and national development.”

However, he stated that the ultimate goal is to establish a livable wage that covers the cost of living while also allowing for some worker savings.

According to Ajaero, the recent attack on workers and their leaders in Imo poses a serious threat to free association and collective bargaining.


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