Group Drums Support for Uche Kelvin Edeh, Vow for His Emergence As The Next Chairman of Enugu South



Hundreds of people across the thirteen political wards in Enugu South local government area yesterday trooped out en masse to deliver their clear message to the Executive Governor of Enugu state, His Excellency Dr Peter Mbah, through the SPA to the governor on Political Matters, Hon. Chief Frank Anioma.

At about 8 am on Tuesday the 19th of December 2023, the premises of Idris K. Ibrahim Event Centre was already filled with hundreds of people including the physically challenged, non non indigenes, the young and the elderly from across the thirteen (13) political wards in Enugu South. They have gathered to receive the SPA to the governor on Political Matters Hon. Chief Frank Anioma who had earlier promised the group a payback visit after he was overwhelmed by the large crowd in Government House who had come to deliver their demand to the governor through the SPA to the governor on Political Matters. Looking at the crowd and their resolve for a new direction in Enugu South, Chief Anioma appealed to them to go back, promising to visit them on Tuesday 19th December by 10:30 am to hear them out and interact with them.

As promised, at exactly 10:30 am Tuesday 19th, Chief Hon. Frank Anioma stepped into the premises of Idris K. Ibrahim Event Centre, to meet the large crowd who had converged as early as 8 am to to receive him.

In his introductory speech, the Coordinator of the group, Hon. Benjamin Nsude maintained that the purpose of the gathering was for two reasons. According to him, the first isjuy to thank God for the gift of His Excellency Dr Peter Ndubuisi as governor of Enugu state and the second one is to appeal to the governor that the people of Enugu South have resolved that the only person that can continue the Tomorrow is Here agenda or match the speed of his disruptive Innovation in Enugu South is Hon. Uche Kelvin Edeh.

In his words “We have searched and searched, looked at the antecedents and credibility of all the aspirants, the only person we found capable, credible and well prepared for the job in Enugu South just like his Excellency Dr. Peter Mbah is Hon. Uche Kelvin Edeh”. The Coordinator, Hon. Nsude who is also called Bengars said that Hon. Kelvin Edeh is a good product that markets itself and therefore does not need much introduction as his achievements in Entrepreneurship, ICT and humanitarian services speak volumes of his creative ingenuity and character.

Responding to the group, Chief Hon. Frank Anioma expressed his thanks and commended the group for conducting themselves in an orderly manner. Chief Anioma, who thanked the group for their commitment and resilience, said he was overwhelmed by the crowd that visited him in the government house, which, according to him, proves to satisfaction that they are very serious about their common resolve. He said he was shocked to see one of them who is physically challenged in a wheelchair in his office on the 4th floor which again convinced him that the group meant business, which then necessitated his visit today.

Hon. Anioma who is also the former local government Chairman of Nkanu East said that Hon Kelvin Edeh remains the only person who has shared his vision with him as to why he wants to be the local government Chairman, unlike others who rely on zone or turn-taking which shows that Hon. Kelvin knows what he wants and prepares for it. He appeals to the group to continue to conduct themselves in an orderly manner while reminding them that even though every decision about who becomes what in Enugu state lies on the governor’s table, that power comes from God. Chief Anioma who also listed many of Governor Mbah’s achievements in a few months in the office, praised the administration for the improved security in the state and the provision of portable water to the people of Enugu state including the 45 kva Turbine at Ninth Mile built within three months in office. He assured the group that he would deliver their message to the governor according


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